Ok, So I need help on how to do this..

Imagine you had a building game and in a stat panel you had buildable obj's you could double click and place. Now I imagine that if you had alot of items you could build it would get disorganized. So can someone show me how to make it so that all the Walls have a category you can click and it shows all the walls you can build, or a category like floors were you can click it and it shows the floors you can place. I already know how to make the buildables but I need help organizing them into categories.
Um, here's one method (though I doubt it's the best):
for(var/obj/build/wall/W in src.contents)stat(W)
for(var/obj/build/door/D in src.contents)stat(D)

- GhostAnime
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Not like that >.>
That's just a stat. I actually want to be able to click it so it minimizes/maximizes the items for that certain category.
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I think i know what you mean ahh Like inside one statpanel it has diferent categories and sub directories and headings and stuff like that...Well ive never tryed to do that so i dont know
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It would be really helpful to know where the items are listed in... Is it in a stat panel? HUD? Something else? We need a lil' bit mre information to help you out... (I assumed statpanel since they're the most commonly used things for click->build things)

- GhostAnime
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Yes. They are in stat panels. Havn't you played ne arena games or Zelldot's Evermore game which have max/minimize things within the statpanels
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Yeah like when your placing objects or whatever in map maker..except he wants that in the statpanel