can anyone make me a minimap...i cant download ebonshadow's minimap because it is byondscape...

I tried making it as mini as I could while still making it apparent what it is. (edit: Saving it as jpg seems to have really distorted it, so maybe you can't tell what it is anymore.)

Seriously though, what exactly are you looking for? Try just looping through the turf objects in the location you're after and use the DrawBox function to make some icons that make an appropriate minimap. Use block, DrawBox, ftp to save it if you want a permanent copy of it, and make an associative list of turf types assossiated with the colors you want them to have.
var/list/turf_colors = list(\
/turf/grass = RGB(0,255,0), /turf/water = RGB(0,0,255),\
/turf/brick_road = RGB(255,0,0),
//and so on

proc/get_minimap_data(turf/lower_left, turf/upper_right)
width = upper_right.x - lower_left.x
height = upper_right.y - lower_left.y
turf_block = block(lower_left, upper_right)
for(var/turf/T in turf_block)
color_data[T.x-lower_left.x][T.y-lower_left.y] = turf_colors[T.type]
return color_data

You can use that to get all the required data for a minimap area, then use it to build some icons.
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ty thats exactly wat i needed