During my stage of anti-coding (loss of skill for a day =p) I had a need for a system where if you click someone a menu will pop up like right next to them. But the problem I'm having, for some strange reason, is placing the menu next to the person.. like I cant find a formula for the location of the person's location on screen. Dunno if I explained it correctly.. lol but I tried >_<. This may help:

by placement i mean their X and Y
Err, new/menu(x,y,z)?
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the screen x and screen y dont go on the map.. and they dont change because they're the screen.. I need to convert their position on the map to the corresponding screen location which is like: src.screen_loc = "X,Y"

What I'm tryin to tell you is that If you're standin at 100 x and 200 y your screen X is still 1-screensize and your Y is still 1-screensize