How would you add an object to a list but delete it from the map... for picking up items people use usr.contents += src but the object I have is going to a custom list and it goes there but then it doesnt delete from the map.
I just used usr.blah += item, I want the item to either move to the blah or just get it in there without doubling it.
so you want to get the item off the floor and into the usrs bag?
obj/object//your object
Get()//your verb
usr << "You get it"//what you wanna have it say
src.Move(usr)//this moves it from the ground to usr.

I'll guess you'd want it in reverse too
usr << "You drop it"
src.Move(usr.loc)//same deal, cept in reverse.

did i help? not too sure what you actually meant :-\
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Actually yeah it works ^_^. Thanks Lyra