I do appologize for such a lame code question, i cant get /icon to work in Say()...

view<<"/icon [msg]"

What am i doing wrong?
You need to use a backslash and not a forward slash.

In response to Mobius Evalon
Hmmm i tried that and now the name in front is gone...

Say(msg as text)
view()<< "\icon [] ( <font color=blue>[src.lvl] [src.class]<font color=black> ) :</f> [msg]"
In response to Draconite
The \icon text macro requires use of an actual icon (or portable network graphic or bitmap image). Try using \icon[src.icon].
In response to Mobius Evalon
Either that or the <IMAGE> tag wich allows you to configure icons seperatley.
One could also do this with the script file but seeing as you cant do this telling you that would only increase your conffusion.
try this..
var/faceBitmap=icon('face.dmi');//I dont recall wether the icon macro uses a file or icon_object to make the cion appear but just to be safe Ill create an object.

client/verb/Say(t as text)
//also I wouldn't use this function as is if I were you.The faceBitmap is a pointer to icon() wich creates a new icon(as is its defininition) so for the sake of effieciency dont use it as supplied (unless you dont care it all comes down to your final word)

Try this:
view(src)<<"\icon[src] [t]"