What's the formula for a var that returns the degrees in a full rotation from Point A(src) to Point B( using trigonometry in the DM language?

The what? Umm... Do you mean the angle between point a and point b? Well, if that's the case, use the getangle() proc. Look it up in the reference. It's inaccurate, but good enough for a tile based system like DM.

Otherwise, use a bit of right angle trig:

sin d = abs(a.y-b.y) / (distance between a and b)

Where d is the angle. You get that from right angle trigonometry.
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Uh, yeah, I mean I need to get the Direction Point B is from Point A.

That formula doesn't work, by the way... At least not the way I tried it, it might do if I did it right...

var/deg = sin(abs( / (get_dist(src,