ben g is a dick please use this post's comments to talk about how horrible he is i heard he rapes babies and also tortures starving african children

seriously where does that guy get off?
U r kewl
no you're not doing it right stop going off topic or i'll ban you

Happy, big boy? =D
that was kind of mean
...well, there was that one time when I saw you with that toddler >_>
listen what happens at day care stays at day care
Ben G, in an exhibitionist stage back in 1993, stuck his penis into a Gateway computer. The computer immediately had an orgasm, and spewed out a CD. This playable CD was later known as Halo.
yeah he has his good moments too

Ben G parted the Red Sea. Not because he has divine powers, but because the water wants to get the hell out of there.
yeah he smells pretty bad that happens in shopping malls too
Ben G is the only word that rhymes with Orange.
okay leave some for other people
Ben G was the 5th face on Mount Rushmore, but when the artist got his nose wrong, Ben G karate chopped it off the mountain.

Okay, I'm done now. >_>
there isn't enough rock in the mountain to accurately show how huge my nose is
I don't know who you are, so I don't care about you! :)
dis beng guy is a preck he smells like chikens
everything smells like chicken...I eat the good doggy treat for breakfast.
ur gey lololololol jk :)
Why were you in my chicken coop last night... the roosters were crowing like something was being stuc... Oh... well thats BenG for ya
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