Hey for a game i'm making I am heavily dependant upon overlays. What I tried doing was making a few "weapon" (they're actualy objs which are saved onto the mob) overlays then adding it to the mob (looks fine) and then adding the weapon overlay to a "weapons" list. Then when it needs to attack it'd loop through its "weapons" list to check out their range and then attack. This part works but not the part with each weapon showing its animation. That diddn't work. I was wondering if there is a quick work around fix for this? Or will I have to use icon_states instead or what? Thanks for any assistance on this matter!
Something you need to know..

If you use flick, which I suppose you are, it flicks the usr's icon_state as well as the overlays.

So if you do flick("Attack",src), the overlay will flick the icon_state of "Attack".

What I am getting at is, make sure to put every weapon in its own .dmi file.
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Yeah every weapon is in its own dmi file. I was using flick before, but now I am using icon_states. It's working now. I am changing the icon state and removing the overlay and readding it for the affect that I wanted.