Everyone needs some time to lose wieght
I am about 14/7 I need some time to lose wieght dont i?
Atm... I'm learning to code
And im a Pixel artist!
Graphics maker.
And I have made 3D Objects for IMVU and some other game 1 year ago lol
the road to 24/7 gamedom is long and harsh.... do you accept?
Go grab yourself a Tae-Bo video. Oh and... Subway, eat fresh.
24/7 I cant do 24/7 host i can do, I eat subway GO SUBWAY!, Im geting so bored man i smashed my ps2 into the wall, Time to get a 360!
Error 1: 'Iconer' undefined var
Replace with 'Spriter'/'Pixel artist'
ok then can u host for me then
old friend