Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
Keywords: help, permaban
what going down was about 9pm i was playing i was the chapel and was just space by a traitor and decide to leave becauce i was playing for about 3-5 hour and when to take a shower. about half hour later when to play and it said i was permanent ban
for releasing the plasma and not be a antag in the round and log off. if anyone can help me thank you. side note i more french then englase so sorry the spelling.
Post it on the Hippie station fourms. Side note, you DID leak plasma as non antag. I was there.

EDIT : Also, I spaced you, I was not a traitor, you released plasma into the station, and so I robust you and space you for being a huge fucking idiot.
Its Hippie station who cares.
hippie station is nothing special anyway , admins are badmins, a admin once fought himself in my work place in the game then proceeded to fuck up the place , then i admin helped it and guess what it was him , he sayd legit ofc

i was in no position to do anything but he ruined my whole lab and the gameplay for that round for me

fuck hippie station it's all badmins
server must be shit

Never liked the Adkins on there and never play on there for the purpose of badmins are shitstains
Captains usually a condom as well