I have been thinking could i use all objs, for my landscapes as i use overlays for my terrain. Dont multiple objects get saved even if they are on the same turf? If this is the case, couldnt i just create a new type, like so.

parent_type = /obj/
Do you think this would work?
Yes, you can define objects like that. Take a look at parent_type in the reference. It's quite the easy one to understand

"Explicitly setting the parent type allows you to put the object definition any place you want. That often means putting it at the top "root" level. Example:

parent_type = /obj
plate //parent type is /Armor, which in turn inherits from /obj
weight = 100
color = "rusty"
strength = 10"


And I'm sure you already know it, but without setting the parent_type var like this, an object defined on the "root" level defaults to /datum.

I hope I'm not missing something, but I don't see how this relates to SwapMaps. Granted that I've never used SwapMaps, but I'm assuming what it does based on it's name, which seems self-explanatory.

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Swapmaps saves turfs, and im pritty sure it saves objects. So couldnt i just set all my terrain to objs because objs dont automatically merge with what is under them?
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Yes, you could also make all of your area's, mob's, and turf's into objects if you want. But they won't be area's, mob's, or turf's anymore, they'll be objects. Now the thing I don't think I'm getting is WHY would you want to do this? Because then everything will be an object and will be moveable(an objects base type is /atom/movable). Do you want your turfs to be objects so they can be moved at some point during the game? If so, then yes, you can. But it's not like they'll still be just be an object, just like /obj/sign or /obj/weapon/dagger.

If you're asking if objects that fill up every pixel for their icon will be merged with a turf below it, thus deleting the turf and leaving a black spot where the turf used to be, then the answer is no, it won't merge, the turf wil be still there.

I'm getting the feeling that I'm missing what you're asking?

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Well, SwapMaps, by Lummox JR is a library that allows easy map loading and saving, but it's somewhat can't save turf underlays/overlays for the time being.
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Well I know what SwapMaps is now. this clarifies his original post a little now, or so I think, I don't quite trust my understanding on this after having made prior mistakes. Anywho! I'm guess now that you meant that you use overlays for your terrain, but you need a way to save them since SwapMaps doesn't do that for you? If that's right, then yes you could definethem as objects, because objects don't merge with other objects or turfs.

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