Okay, I was reading the info on Deadron's Char Handling, and It said if I call this:

Forcing the character to be saved
Characters are saved automatically when the player logs out.
If you want them saved at other times too, just call this
client function for the mob when you want it saved:

return ..()

I can get it to save it manually. So here is my Question

How can I get that to call, everything I try yells at me. Also, if I do get it to call, do I need to add anything into there to make it auto save, or will it work from that?
Cannot anyone help?
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Please help! I need the help!
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I need help! HELP ME! *sob sob* *sigh*

If there is no body that replies then they cant help you or dont want to.

In case they cant: Try explane your problem more clearly
In case they dont wanna: Try to get ur reputation a lil better.

For gods sake! EDIT! dont reply to you own posts.
And if your reputation is that bad then yelling wont help ya get it any better.

Now try again, and for all "demanding" people out there, which i'm getting really sick of, go use the word please and u'll find yourself helped alot more.

! ! ! wont get you anywhere ! ! !

Though *cough* he did say "Please help!" :P
Anyways, i would if i got what you meen.
I've never used Deadron's character handling library, but it looks like a client proc, so
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According to the stuff in comments there, it says that calling that will save, but all it does is return, how can I get it to save, and if it does already, thank nvm. I also need to know how to call it! I tried mutliple ways but I always get errors.

It would Be nice if someone said, I don't understand you, or I dont know how, or at least give a try to help. When I dont get a reply, I dont think that someone saw it, so I reply to it to bump it when its at like the 3rd page, then no one will see it. I didn't demand, I just asked kinda rudly because I asked 3 times, and people that normally help me online didnt know, so I thought I could get help, but when im completely ignored it makes me wonder. Editing wont have people notice it when its on the 3rd or 4th page, editing doesnt bump it, and I know for a fact people dont look past Page 2. Because Ive bumped it before and got millions of replies where when it was on Page 4 and 5, I got nothing, even after I answered a question they didnt re reply because they dont bother to look for it.
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Oh, as I said, I've never used the library, I just figured you cut some of the coding out, but if that's it, indeed all it would do is return and do nothing.
var/savefile/A = new("players.sav")
A["/[src.ckey]/[cKey("] << src.mob
Very simple example of a save proc, just call mob.client.SaveMob() to use it. I only ckey'd it because I know some non-alphanumeric characters cause problems intermittently.
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Enigmaster2002 wrote:
Oh, as I said, I've never used the library, I just figured you cut some of the coding out, but if that's it, indeed all it would do is return and do nothing.

Actually it does do something, just not there. That copy of the function is just a place for the documentation...the ..() calls the defining instance, which is in the file and does the saving.