Is there a way to locate and delete any objs or mobs with invisible icons? I'm consistently running into invisible and dense objects with no way to delete them.
Wouldn't it be better to fix the bug that's making those invisible dense objects in the first place?

You can do that easily by looping through all /atom/movable in the world and deleting ones that (1) are dense and (2) either have no icon or are invisible (whichever one it is). But that's inefficient, and you really shouldn't have to.

Maybe the turfs themselves are getting set to dense by accident?
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Well, it's an icon trading game (yes, boo hiss) so those ne'er do well players are changing these cars or buildable objects to corrupt icons; you can't even see the name of the object if you were to put your mouse over it. And I've made sure a hundred times over that they couldn't make the object's name null, I took that into consideration some time ago.
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Ah. Well, set their mouse_opacity to 2, so you can hover the mouse over them and click them (and hence, presumably, delete them) even when you can't see them.

Out of interest, what happens to the icon var of the objects when it's set to a corrupt icon? Does it become null, or just contain garbage data? Because if it becomes null, you could do a loop to check for them and delete them. Inefficient, but perhaps necessary.

Oh, and by the way: Icon trading "games"! Boo! Hiss! =P
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I already tried the loop check, it obviously doesn't become null if a corrupt icon is set.
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Hmm, setting the mouse_opacity to 2 doesn't seem to help either, any other suggestions?
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Strange. Ummm... perhaps make a verb that causes you to delete the next movable atom you bump into? (Make sure you don't let that delete turfs or mobs belonging to connected players. =) ) It's not ideal, but it will do.
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You still don't bump into it. Bump() is never called. Enter() will return 0, and Bump() won't even be called, unless if there's something else dense on the turf, or the turf itself is dense.
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Um... Garthor? There IS something dense on the turf. THE DENSE, INVISIBLE OBJECTS THAT HE'S COMPLAINING ABOUT. Duh.

I think you're mixing this up with that other thread.

Edit: I hate typos.
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Well, for the time being, the invisible non-dense objs and mobs can stay there and twiddle their proverbial thumbs, it's the dense ones I'm worried about.
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I really hate multiple threads about the same thing.