How would one go about creating a "hyperlink" (for lack of a better word) that would close a specified panel?
To deal with links in your game, you need to look up Topic() in the reference.

This section of my stapanel article describes how to close statpanels: Shadowdarke.2003-0322/#sttoff
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Ohhh of course. I figured making the "link" in the panel would involve the Topic() proc, but it never crossed my mind that I could just use a var to stop it from displaying.
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If you want to click something in the panel to turn it off, you'll need a clickable obj. HTML doesn't work in stat panels. Fortunately my statpanels article covers that too. ;) Just create an obj and make its Click() proc turn the inventory panel var off like that demo snippet shows, then place that obj in the panel.

If you want to have multiple panels that you turn on and off, I recommend that you use a list instead of individual vars for each one. The group member stat panels snippet near the end of the statpanel article shows you how.