Upon logout, the client for a connected mob isn't deleted... If I hit Summon, it lists the keys of anyone who's been in the server since the last reboot. Also, once in awhile, it leaves a keyless mob in the world. Is there something I'm forgetting, or is there some kinda proc someone could provide me with that would rectify this?
Enigmaster2002 wrote:
Upon logout, the client for a connected mob isn't deleted...


that should work...
the others i dont no about might be your not defining who should be summoned like mob in world or something liek that
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Yeah, I have that and all other necessary things, it doesn't list them in who or the players tab, because those cycle through mobs with connected clients... they're just invisible mobs with a key.
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maybe posting the Logout Code...or anything else you think may not be right
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That's the problem though. My coding is inaccessible, quite possibly for some time to come. I know for a fact, though, that I have the
code; is there something I should specify in client/Del() to get rid of the damned things?
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..() i think thats the part your missing, it doesnt know to delete when you log out.... ..() is for built in procs i think..and when you use em ur saying

..()//run it normally
del(src)// when it logs out delete it

i don think u need src.mob i think its jus src hope that helps
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Logout() is most definately the WRONG place to be putting this. It should be in client/Del()