I'm trying to make a list of obj but I get type mismatch:

for(var/obj/O in view(1))
Objs+=O <---Type Mismatch On This Line

Anyone know how to do what I'm trying to do, or know what I'm doing wrong here?

I found the probleme, but now I have a diffrent question:
I'm declaring a verb:
set src in view(1)
set name="Take Item"
set category="Inventory"

The probleme is, if I type the verb, or click on it from the panel, it sets src from in my inventory, just moving src from my inventory to my inventory. I want to filter srcs in my inventory from possible srcs. I figure I would start with this:
if(locate(src in usr))
But I don't know were to go from here...
Use oview() instead of view(). It works in the same way, except that it doesn't include the centre object (which is usr by default) or items inside the centre object (i.e. the centre object's inventory).

set src in oview(1)
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Thanks Crispy