How can I disallow teleport to any object that is in a certain Z level? In my game I have two, the "player area" (Z level 1) and the "GM area" (Z level 2). Those who host are always on the second Z level and messing everything up. -.-'
I need some code to give exact help. But what I recommend is using an IF statement on the Z of the mob that you are teleporting to.

If you used /mob/M in world. Then do If(M.Z==2) return, else..e.t.c.


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Try creating a seperate /area for each z level, /area/player and /area/gm, then have area/gm check to see if the player entering is a gm, and if not, deny entry.

<code>area/gm Enter(mob/M) if( return 1 else return 0</code>
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OR you could be evil and do something like:
M << "You can't be here!"
M.z = 1 //Make sure their location is saved on the proper Z level.
del(M) //And boot them for wrong-doing
return 1