How would i combine this:

var/mob/Zombie/K=locate() in oview(5,usr)

With the get_step() proc?
What exacly are you trying to achive? That would help me "combine" the two.
In response to SSChicken
Oh i mean like some procs can be in one big proc like

example: spawn(rand(10,20))

Thats using Spawn and the rand proc together.

[edit] i mean what i mean is i dont know how to make get_step() only do its thing if the person is 5 tiles away
In response to Wanabe
My guess is that it would be something like..(Nobody take me 100% on this).

var/mob/Zombie/K=locate() in oview(5,usr)
var/blah = get_step(k,src)