where can i get megaman x icons that can actually fit but not fully im looking for megaman x icons where it only has a bit off of it
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is that the actuaqlly website?
Not on Newbie Central, that's for sure. Try
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HolyDoomKnight wrote:
is that the actuaqlly website?

I didn't think it possible for someone to be that slow..

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Then you need to check the newbie central more often >=)
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Go to and check for like "Megaman x pics" and then if you find one, even ifits bigger, save it. Put it on paint and get rid of the backround. Use dashed square box command to complately surround the box. make the box smaller. on the left bottom, there is a little thing that says how big the pic is. make the pic 30x30. copy and paste it onto your regular .dmi icon you want and presto! you will need to make the states for it though :-)

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ic ant even get to it
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know that already and it gos up to 35x35 well thats what it says for me