I am seeing this mentality more and more often in the computer world. Microsoft has been doing it for years, and now Google has started. I used to love Google, but my love is slipping away into the business world, becoming one of the ones I hate.

All these companys are getting lazy. They see something that could contain a few $$$ and they buy it up. Rather than trying to compete, which used to be what companys did. Now, they just buy out the competition, call it theirs, and then stop development on it.

This has been happening in the game world too. Look at the gaming giant EA. They bought out almost all of the good developers, took their games, produced crap under the games name, and let it sell. How can you be so greedy that you would ruin the very industry you are making money from?

I think that the only reason that Microsoft has not yet bought out Linux is because it isn't possible. They have done everything they can to spread doubt and fear of Linux.

This really has to stop. Competition is a good thing, it drives up usefulness, while driving down prices. Buying out, on the other hand, drives prices up and usefulness down.

This has been Rant #3 in the records of "Scoobert's FACE Rants". Please stay tuned for more soon.
How can you be so greedy that you would ruin the very industry you are making money from?

It's called getting rid of the competition. ;)
I know, it just enrages me. Fills me with the furry of 1,000 +3 sticks of furry.
There's still no greater site in the world for finding out how many hectares in the square light year.
Damn it, I fixed that post, it still says furry, I fixed it to say fury. Stupid blogs.
Furry sticks? What are they used for?
I want a furry stick...

Nice rant, Scoob!
Scoobert by anychance do you know C++ if so page me i need help
Texter: Thanks

Tapion: Not enough to do much. I know basic CLI(Command line interface), but not even much of that.

Crispy: That was a rather funny typo. But these blogs need edit buttons for some content, like replys.
Yes, yes they do. =)