Was wondering how I can set up byond to run a game over a network, I have pretty much given up getting it to work online at my college so im trying for the next best thing.
So any hints, tips or advice?
(so far I tried hosting via the dream Daemon, on port 1117. the server is called Quake I think (Has something called ISA server QUAKE in the bottom corner)) I'm also not sure how I can make a game work without it needing authentication from the hub. :)
Its ok, I got it working.
Just so anyone searching for byond and networks il give you the jist of what you have to do.
First find the computers name, i found this by repeatedly clicking on the start menu and using the Down a level button.
You then host it via dream Daemon and get the port number
then in dreamseeker type (computer name):(port)