Keywords: ddt, developing
The DDT site is hereby inaugurated as the place in which we shall document the process of making our games, discuss our plans, and get player input on what we're doing.

While we occasionally have assistance on our games from talented members of the BYOND community, the core team is:

Art, coding.

Musician extraordinaire.


While we tend to focus in these areas, Guy and Gazoot are multi-talented enough to contribute in many ways, while Deadron sticks to coding and tries not to hurt himself.

We're the first BYOND game team to form, and therefore the longest running, though our productivity comes in spurts. We all met and became friends through BYOND, and are proud of the work we've done so far.

But, of course, the best is yet to come!
The spurts productivity might be a bit more spurty for me in a couple of months. I'm planning to buy a decent computer that will support my music endeavours. Right now I feel some Deadronic pressure to make a song for Last Robot Standing... So I better start looking ASAP!