It will always be remembered. :)
As an icy ball of ice that we never knew..
That's much better than last week. We had too many normal planets.
*salutes Pluto* it was damned to fail in the end, but i have a way for everyone to feel better! This is Frances fault! *points and glares at a frenchie*
Yea. France sucks.
I take Astronomy this semester. Wont this be fun
Yea. France sucks.

Non. Les americans 'suck'.

And no, I am not french. And no, I do not hate americans.
I'm pretty sure a tiny rock out in the middle of nowhere could not care less about what it's classified as.
I heard this on the radio yesterday, Sounds pretty pointless. =\
What's funny about this is that someday, I'll be able to tell my grandkids (heck, my kids even, since they're not here yet, either), that when I grew up, we had nine
Didn't they get rid of it as a planet once, then bring it back? Now they are disposing of it again? >.>