Does BYOND games have the compatibility of adding these 2 features to a game, if so i need to know the code extension to add it in, i have a great idea for a chat game if it works.
Microphones are certianly possible. I created a BYOND program that responds to four words: "Greetings," "Farewell," "Yes," and "No." How did I manage it? I wrote a program in C (with the assistance of a friend and a program that he had already written) and placed it in the program folder. I then targeted that program with an XML application run via the browser, which sent CGI signals to the BYOND program. When the microphone was activated, it would send the data through the XML program and, if it nearly matched the pattern for one of the four words, it wrote it out on the BYOND screen. I suppose that WebCam data could be applied in a similar manner, though I've had no experience with it.

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Thanks for the info, if it can be applied like you say, ill find a way. I know C, C++, VisC, Cobol, UNIX, LAN, all kinds of programming and necessary computer editting languages. If i find out should i post it here to let ya know how i did it ?
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If you make it, try making a microphone lib. I'm sure that would go over fairly well.
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Or enter it in digitalBYOND programming challenge :)