Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13

Poll: who would like one or more of the following

multiple models of IPC/Human racial decent 0% (0)
some robots be built with 2/+2 limbs 50% (1)
have new machines interactable to IPC's or cyborgs 0% (0)
exosuit surgical implants 50% (1)
slime cores be usable instead of phoron if slime core is dark purple/purple 0% (0)
new mutations of slimes with chance of slime people 0% (0)
possible slime people be added to species list 0% (0)
add more metal/earthen "constructs" 0% (0)
make fun easter egfs to find on asteroid for a few laughs 0% (0)
auto pilot for mechs in hazard zones 0% (0)
research for stronger composit exoskeletons for robots (primarily for EOD) 0% (0)

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Vote please its primarily for fun but if you want let's discuss it