box = image ('grass.dmi',(x-1,usr.y - 1,usr.z))

usr << box

any ideas on how to get it to show an Image() that is -1x,-1y from the usr?
try creating the obj THEN teleporting it.
I havnt done this but you can try:

src.x = usr.x - 1
src.y = usr.x - 1

Just a thought...

nice, but i`m trying to do an image, so that only the usr can see it

OMG i`m spelling user usr now
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ok in that case you should try doing this:

var/blehx = usr.x - 1
var/blehy = usr.y - 1
var/box = Image('Icon.dmi',blehx,blehy,usr.z)

or somthing along those lines. Its messy but might work :)

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Challenge(mob/M in oview(4))
switch(alert("Are you sure you want to challenge [M]?",,"Yes","No"))
switch(alert(M,"[usr] has challenged you! Accecpt?",,"Yes","No"))
usr << "World: soon the Challengign will be implamented!"
M << "World: soon the Challengign will be implamented!"


usr << "World: Silly [usr]! you can`t Challenge NPCs!"

icon = 'chip2.dmi'
icon_state = "challenge"
name = "Challenge"

stat(new /obj/chal)

/|\in no particular order

i keep getting:

runtime error: Cannot read null.client.
verb name: Challenge (/mob/verb/Challenge)
source file:,31
usr: Pillsverry (/mob/davis)
src: Pillsverry (/mob/davis)
call stack:
Pillsverry (/mob/davis): Challenge(null)
Challenge (/obj/chal): Click("General")

I realize it says null but if i try mob/M in oview(4)
or mob/M as mob in oview(4) in the obj/chal/click: usr.Challenge() (please note that is not code) i get: var var

when compiling

and for those of you that say "its easy" or "look in the help file or FAQ" please read my post more carefully
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Pillsverry wrote:
OMG i`m spelling user usr now

LOL! I have done that myself! Before you know it, you'll be talking to your teachers in DM code and refering to yourself as mob/Pillsverry LOL!