The last week we've gotten quite a few reports about the website being inaccessible to many people but not for others.

What appears to have happened is some bad DNS data was sent into the pipe for an unknown reason, and like DNS data does this bad information propagated across the internet making the site unavailable to anyone who managed to cache this bad data.

After some investigating and helping people resolve this issue here are a few tips to help get things working properly again.

First, run the command 'ipconfig /flushdns' from your command-prompt (cmd.exe) this will force your DNS cache to clear and update with new information. This generally resolves the problem right away, but in some cases it doesn't.

If that doesn't work try running the command a couple more times, disconnecting your internet and then reconnecting. After you've reconnected run the command once more and give it a shot, everything should be fine by this point.

If you're still having trouble run the commands 'tracert' and 'nslookup' tracert should end with the domain '' and nslookup should end with the IP '' if this doesn't happen you may need to wait a little longer for the DNS fix to propagate to your area.

This problem will automatically resolve itself in time, but these steps should help speed the process up.