511.1373 (Notes)

More important bug fixes. Get 'em while they're hot!
511.1374 (Notes)

A few more big bug fixes are in this release, especially if you use a lot of unique turf appearances or make use of parallel animations. Still working on a few last-minute items.
511.1375 (Notes)

Here comes PIXEL_SCALE by popular request, along with a couple of other fixes including a client-side memory leak that's been around a while.
511.1376 (Notes)

PIXEL_SCALE was broken in that last release (just in the compiler), and a few other misc. fixes are in. Pretty close to closing out 511 as final.

Rereleased due to a new bug in some error checking that got added for Dream Maker. This only impacts the compiler. If you downloaded earlier, you may want to download and install again if you see any bogus compiler errors.
511.1377 (Notes)

Several important bug fixes here, server and client side alike.
511.1378 (Notes)

Here's hoping we're finally done with the endless macro system fixes and just about at the stable release point. A couple of other important fixes are here too.
511.1379 (Notes)

More last-minute macro fix goodness, along with some fixes to a few old and frustrating bugs.
511.1380 (Notes)

The official stable release of 511! Work begins on 512!
511.1381 (Notes)

Maintenance release fixing a couple of important bugs.
511.1382 (Notes)

This next maintenance release fixes a few problems regarding keyboard macros and high-FPS gliding, along with other misc. fixes and a couple of minor features.
511.1383 (Notes)

More bug fixes and some improved sanity checks.
511.1384 (Notes)

A couple of important bug fixes, especially for the client.

Re-release because the server-side fix was not implemented correctly. If you downloaded 511.1384 earlier in the day you might want to download again. This will only affect you if you're hosting a server for a game with a large map undergoing a lot of changes, and only in rare cases. If you never this problem with past versions, you probably don't need to re-download.
511.1385 (Notes)

A big DS fix for maptext, plus some webclient fixes and improvements. The server-side fix that didn't 100% work last time is probably fixed here too, pending testing.
512.1386 (Notes)

The BYOND 512 beta is here!

In addition to the generous feature list, the following have also been changed:
  • Move() has had an internal refactor.
  • Max "packet" size for file transfer has been greatly increased. This will cause packet fragmentation but reduce the back-and-forth between the server and client.
  • Appearance creation now does lookup and add at the same time when a new appearance is added. This same optimization will be applied to other items in the future.
512.1387 (Notes)

It's a twofer day. A filter issue that snuck in literally at the last minute caused some trouble, and the output operator was handling overloads wrong which messed up sound().
512.1388 (Notes)

Lots of important bug fixes, including some high-profile crashers. Keep the reports coming in Beta Bugs!
512.1389 (Notes)

Several more big fixes, including the elusive resurgence of big-object issues.
512.1390 (Notes)

More bug fixes including to the map editor, and an improvement to operator overload handling.
512.1391 (Notes)

Quick fix (server-side only) to an issue with several operators.
512.1392 (Notes)

Another bad issue with overloaded operators, and a problem with image/filter interaction.
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