512.1393 (Notes)

Several important fixes, especially in Dream Seeker.
512.1394 (Notes)

Another round of fixes. Visual contents and filters had a couple minor issues to solve. Anyone using the chaining dot operator (dot or colon after a proc call or list operation) or the new conditional dot operators should recompile their code.
512.1395 (Notes)

A couple of fixes, plus now maptext supports text-shadow. Rejoice!
512.1396 (Notes)

Some very important fixes, plus some experimental changes under the hood that may improve server performance.
512.1397 (Notes)

Quick but important fix to the compiler. Server and client are not affected.
512.1398 (Notes)

Major improvements on the client side with a minor server fix thrown in.
512.1399 (Notes)

Several important fixes, especially to servers that reboot.
512.1400 (Notes)

A couple of big fixes, especially to the client, and a server fix to an issue that's apparently been around forever.
512.1401 (Notes)

Reverting a couple of earlier changes that didn't pan out, including one that might be impacting SS13 servers. SS13 servers having issues with 512.1396+ should try this new build.
512.1402 (Notes)

A couple of big fixes here: big icon behavior was broken on the client, and the cause of the SS13 soft hang issue has been identified.
512.1403 (Notes)

Several fixes, mostly for the client but one small one server-side.
512.1404 (Notes)

A few good fixes, including one to a bug with images on turfs that was impacting SS13 especially.
512.1405 (Notes)

Re-fixes to some issues that 1404 hoped to address, and a minor compiler fix.
512.1406 (Notes)

Yet another regex fix. The turf image problems seem to still be among us, so I'm waiting on info to fix those.
512.1407 (Notes)

Once more, with feeling: The image hanging issue should finally be buried. No server changes in this build.
512.1408 (Notes)

Calling the wrong function resulted in the image hang not completely going away as planned. This is a Dream Seeker only fix, so no Linux build.
512.1409 (Notes)

Another client-only release, this one deals with the problem of images not appearing. Hopefully we're done with image stuff.
512.1410 (Notes)

Ha! And you though the image issues were done. So did I. But now, having re-re-disposed of the monster, I think this is the last of it. Again this release impacts DS only, so no Linux build.
512.1411 (Notes)

...Aaaaand that was a little too optimistic. But the (I think) very very last of those bugs turned out to be a routine that should have had a line changed from its old form, and didn't, so it's sort of a typo bug. I think that does it, but anyway this release has a couple other fixes, some of which are on the server side.
512.1412 (Notes)

A handful of new fixes.
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