512.1413 (Notes)

A minor server fix, major client fix, and a couple of new features.
512.1414 (Notes)

This is a big-deal release. Multiple fixes are inbound, and there's a major change to the way icons are handled internally that allows Dream Seeker to let go of icon frames that are redundant, saving copious memory in some cases.
512.1415 (Notes)

Quick release to fix a big in Dream Maker. Client and server are both unaffected, so no Linux build.
512.1416 (Notes)

More miscellaneous fixes, and the DM icon editor should be back to normal.
512.1417 (Notes)

Some important fixes, especially to Dream Seeker, and a new feature for the command-line compiler.
512.1418 (Notes)

A big server fix, and a speedup to the compiler for large projects.
512.1419 (Notes)

Fixes to the compiler, plus a new feature for Dream Maker in Windows.
512.1420 (Notes)

A couple of minor fixes, the biggest one being for a visual contents bug.
512.1421 (Notes)

One server fix and a little minor feature foo.
512.1422 (Notes)

Important fixes on the server side and a little change for Dream Maker.
512.1423 (Notes)

More miscellaneous fixes: Dream Seeker had a couple of rendering bugs related to filters, and cursor flickering is basically a thing of the past. Dream Maker has a new Find Previous feature.
512.1424 (Notes)

Many under-the-hood optimizations to the client pre-render process should improve performance on high-FPS games. Groundwork has been laid for client profiling in a later update.

While this release primarily affects the client, view code was altered so there may be a slight improvement for servers too. Therefore there is a Linux release as well.
512.1425 (Notes)

Some important fixes for the client and server, a performance boost for the server side, the promised client-side profiling is finally here, and a little tweak for Dream Maker too.
512.1426 (Notes)

A very important server fix, along with a layering fix to the client.
512.1427 (Notes)

A huge fixalicious release with a cool new feature: the wave filter!
512.1428 (Notes)

Naturally something had to break in 1427 so that's been fixed, plus a few other miscellaneous fixes are in.
512.1429 (Notes)

Doh! An inconsistency in the parser appeared after a separate fix, causing right-click menus to go berserk. This is a client-only release, so no Linux build.
512.1430 (Notes)

Multiple fixes including an optimization to init procs (which counts as a fix because it also fixes a bug) and bit twiddling.
512.1431 (Notes)

Turns out the init proc optimization had a catastrophic failure in SS13 (of course). This release is a quick fix to that issue.
512.1432 (Notes)

Init proc optimization still had a couple of major flies in the ointment, but the ointment has been de-flied. Visual contents had a problem on turfs in some cases. And the good old turf image hang turned out to be clinging to life, merely pining for the fjords, so I hit it with a hammer.
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