512.1433 (Notes)

And it turns out the dot-chain/null-conditional fix had an issue of its own. Minor client-side fix too.
512.1434 (Notes)

Two compiler problems that will require projects made in 512 to be re-compiled, and a final (I think) bit of fixing to the whole init proc thing.
512.1435 (Notes)

Probably the last of the var def optimization fallout, plus some important client-side fixes including big news for gamepad users.
512.1436 (Notes)

A big overhaul to Move()--likely the first of several is in, plus some important client-side fixes including additional insurance against turf image hangs (not documented in the notes). The compiler also got an overhaul to the way several operators are simplified and optimized into code, because before it made some assumptions about commutative and associative properties that were not necessarily valid.
512.1437 (Notes)

It figures there'd be a subtle but serious-enough-to-rerelease bug in the compiler change! This is a quick release to deal with that issue.
512.1438 (Notes)

Fix to stage 1 of the movement overhaul, and moving ahead with stage 2. The turf image hang reappeared (or rather, got easier to see) and has been dealt with again.
512.1439 (Notes)

Another fix to some rare movement collision issues, yet another instance of the turf image hang, and a client-side fix to filter animations. Some more work is going on under the hood for the movement overhaul.
512.1440 (Notes)

The movement fix had a pretty nasty new issue, so this is a quick release for that.
512.1441 (Notes)

Another fix for movement stuff. More is happening under the hood in preparation for fractional step_x/y/size.
512.1442 (Notes)

Some big-deal fixes to movement stuff, and a new skin param.
512.1443 (Notes)

The movement overhaul is complete, SIDE_MAP and ISOMETRIC_MAP layering has been improved (and/or broken in new and exciting ways), and a couple of miscellaneous fixes and features were thrown in for good measure.
512.1444 (Notes)

A nasty compiler bug slipped in due to a different fix, which didn't show up in testing.
512.1445 (Notes)

Myriad display bugs were fixed, plus an important compiler bug and two other compiler bugs that crawled out of the primordial ooze, and there are some new maptext features.
512.1446 (Notes)

Another fixalicious release, mostly client stuff but with one issue touching the server and one affecting the compiler.
512.1447 (Notes)

This is a big release! Lots of client fixes, some important server fixes (especially for big worlds like SS13), a compiler fix, and some mini-feature goodies.
512.1448 (Notes)

Apparently a nasty compiler bug with concatenated strings got introduced in an earlier build, and also there was a pretty big issue on the client.
512.1449 (Notes)

A couple of minor fixes, and also the first phase of an internal refactor. This release has gone through some preliminary testing to weed out issues, but in case anything breaks be sure to post in Beta Bugs with as much information as possible.
512.1450 (Notes)

Got a couple of nasty issues that didn't show up in testing.
512.1451 (Notes)

Linux-only build, to address an annoying problem that slipped through.
512.1452 (Notes)

Big increase to compiler speed!
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