As most of you probably don't know, I'm the midi master. If the midi has been made, I can find it. Well up to this moment, I have been relying on others to make midis for me and post them for free online. NO MORE!

I have found this program called MuseScore. It's a music making program. For those of you familiar with Sibelius, it's exactly the same. Because there has been an increasing demand in custom midis in games, I decided to post it here. (Personally, I just like to arrange Bach Fugues). It's totally free, so if you have interest, give it a go. You're welcome in advance!
Midi master but you don't create the midis yourself?

Hardly masterful
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I collect them
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Then you would be more of a Midi collector?
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Doesn't begin with M :(
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I don't remember Ash making any Pokeymans.
Thank you heartily.
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Here's my attempt at DBZ Music (Japanese music that is): DBZ%20Music%20Japanese%202%20Test%205.mid

It was done several months ago and took several tries to get it proper. This was done using Anvil Studio and a working USB keyboard (music keyboard that is).
MuseScore is a very nice program and very simple to use. The only problem I had was the fact that you cannot Slur the notes as you can with a real instrument, which is one of the more important things I would like out of a Midi program. So I moved onto Ableton Live 8 and began working with Dubstep. Not much for game development, but it is cool.