When you click on a forum and view the post, their are three options at the top with Thread View, Message View, and Topic View. Which one do you use.

As for myself, I prefer Topic view because I can see a big list of topics and decide weather I want to read that post, you also see orange when a topic has been unread. The default forum setting is to messy for me.

What about you?
Wow I was wondering how to get thread view back but after reading this message, I found out and can say I like topic view better. Not congested, only topics which are interesting I will read, and all are different :)
I prefer Thread View. I check and read all posts in specific sections of the forum daily so thread view allows me to quickly access new posts and know what they are replying to. If I didn't read daily I'd probably prefer Topic so I could keep up with the build up of posts over time.
Same as Ketchupkid.