Hey guys,

I need a screen recorder that I want to use while I'm gaming, games like League of Legends and such. I tried Fraps, but it splits the videos once it's over 2 GB, which is not really what I want. I also want to upload it in 1080p HD, so the quality has to be good.

Anyone has any suggestions?

Yours truly,
Camtasia Studio
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Does it lower your FPS a lot?
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I would also recommend Camtasia, but a decent second is Debut. Both are quite good, but Camtasia is definitely better. It isn't all that CPU intensive, but you need a pretty good computer to handle HD video and not lag. Also, render times on HD footage are insane.
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It never did for me.
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Camtasia Studio for everything, everywhere.
Fraps is the only software I know if really. Splitting isn't bad, you can use Windows Movie Maker to connect it back.