OK! so i have tryed everything! embed, object, iframe... and nothing seems to work?

My goal is to get a youtube video up to my "custom post" in the center of my page. idk if that would be possible, but im gonna try!

somehow, it just appears a text where it says:"IFRAME: "link" "
or "OBJECT, EMBER" <-- depends which method i use.
if anyone could make the link for me, please do!

Autoplay: %autoplay=1
width: 20px
heigth: 20px (just the start/stop button.
No HD (which probably could be a problem for someone(i have seen people do))

WHOAH! im serioustly mistaking!
My blog, not "pager"...!
I imagine you mean your blog, the "pager" is the program byond.exe. For blog posts you can use the youtube: macro, which is in the format "youtube:[video_id]". Not sure if it works on custom content boxes though.
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oh.... __.__
rofl, then i got it upside-down D: