For some reason, MSN is making me appear offline for other people, but online for myself. This happened after I installed the 2011 version, which in my opinion, 'sucks'. I think I might have set me there to login as offline. So, I removed it from my computer and installed the 2009 version again. And since then, this problem occurs.
I've tried to reinstall it, didn't work. I installed the 2011 version again, set it to login as online, logged in, logged out, removed it and installed the 2009 version again. It didn't work either, I looked on Google for an answer, but I couldn't really find a clear one. Can anybody help me with this?

Thanks in advance,
It's very possible you have an msn virus. I had one recently(I was half asleep and accidentally clicked a link I shouldn't have),but I was able to remove it using an MSN virus remover(oddly specific huh).

You can download it here or just google msnvirusremoval if you don't trust the link.
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I downloaded it but the file cannot be opened, you need to choose a program from the list here.