I received the following page moments ago:

<--(3:20 pm) Anonymous: Greetings. Forward, but your BYOND account will be deleted. BYOND became very slow, the reason is that too many non-active members. We are sending this message this year to see if members are active or not. Please send this message to 15 other users, using Copy and Paste functions to show that you are active. Who does not send this message within six months, will be deleted to make room faor active members. Do not refer to those who we send to you, we know they are

(I'm pretty sure there was more, but it got cut off)

Anyways. It's my understanding that you can't delete BYOND keys. So, I assume this message is fraudulent? It's not asking for any crucial information, so it poses no security threats, but all the same I'm just giving everyone a heads up.

Also, if I'm wrong about this, by all means please correct me.
Boring chain page is boring.
In response to Stephen001
The idea of a chain page is pretty clever though. I wish I thought of it.
Obviously fake, I think the BYOND staff would proof read something like that before sending it. Also it doesn't make any sense at all, why would BYOND be slow because people aren't using it? Why would they even use the pager to begin with? Most sites can see a user's ip address/account activity in their control panel.

This reminds me of a conversation that was going on in a game I was playing a few days ago. Everyone said BYOND was dying and would be completely dead and gone in two years. Lolk I joined in 2000 and the player base now is at a peak. Almost 7000 people online, compared to I think around 200 - 500 people when I joined. With ads, and memberships BYOND is doing far better, I don't see it dying anytime soon.

People like to spread gossip and chain letters for fun. You have to remember most of BYOND's player base is young children, so dumb things being spread around is inevitable.