Hi, my name is Aro. My friend made this account for me a couple of years ago, and I enjoy a good rp game. Most problems I find is the fact that some people enjoy verbing instead of pure roleplaying. Now, this might be a tad of a problem, however I believe that it would be benifitial to take all aspects of the anime/show you choose and make it as realistic as possible. However, the problem I tend to find is that people tend to "Grind" Train and become much more powerful oocly then icly. I have a thought that would hopefully help out roleplay game designers and such when saying that players should be able to affect each other like they do in the show to grow "Stronger".

But, in order to prevent "Noobs" Or people wh do not care about the roleplaying experience that this method of training characters should be fixed so that roleplayers do not have to worry about dying like in a pvp game. For example, a cap that puts a severe strain on their levels, and they much train icly to grow stronger.

Interaction with other players would be key in this, so my point of the matter is that I am not "Accusing" anyone about anything, however I noticed that some roleplayers who do a very good job tend to be outclassed by "Moderators or admins."

I'm not saying all are like this, I'm talking based on experience. Most roleplaying games are good at controlling this, but another problem I have discovered is boredom of the players as well. They would need a way to interact directly with each other therefore initiating roleplay, now some anime's or shows could wind up ending this way badly. So, to prevent this I have a theory that there should be a cap on certain races of how many people can make that single race unless they have a plan.

Thank you for your time, remember this is only my opinion, please do not get angry with me since I am only being hnest and am giving ideas.
I lookf roward to the future of byond^^