Uhh... Yeah... I had read online about the Super Smash Bros. Brawl problems with the "dirty" lenses and such, so I bought "Moisture-Free" Dust Remove, its basically a can full of air with a little red straw attached to it... Well in the process of spraying it into my Wii the straw kind of went inside the Wii and refuses to come out; I wouldn't care except now the Wii will not read any games because of the straw... Any ideas on how I could go about removing the straw without sending the Wii back to Nintendo or taking it apart?(Tried and failed, stupid 3-pronged screws)
You could pull it out. That's about it.

Try tweezers.
A length of thin wire with a small hook at the end could be put through the straw and used to pull it out.

Just make sure not to scratch the lens. ;)
You know, nintendo was repairing that problem for free at the time, although I suppose they wont once they find your little addition to the unit.