Tired of fighting with MS Word over formatting, I'm wondering if anyone knows a good program for generating design documents.

My needs are relatively simple:

1) Can keep a running section list of the content. For example:
  • 3 Conflict
    • 3.1 Enemies
      • 3.1.1 Goomba
      • 3.1.2 Koopa
    • 3.2 Obstacles
      • 3.2.1 Lava

2) Can generate a table of contents based on the section headers (set to a certain depth) and provide links to each one.

3) Supports basic image types (.png/.jpg)

4) (Preferable) Supports some sort of text-macro for inserting linked keywords to section headers

5) (Preferable) Outputs file in HTML format

If not a straight text editor, maybe a program that processes XML into HTML?

Thanks in advance :)
Not sure about the XML - HTML or Outputs as HTML but what about OpenOffice?

Guess it does "Export as .html .xhtml and .pdf)
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Well, I guess I could try it. I'd imagine it would have the same problems as Word, though. But then again, maybe it won't get in my way as much.

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Wow, that looks immensely powerful!

Thanks for the link, I'm thumbing through its documentation now :)
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LaTeX is how the pros write 100 page user guides.
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