Well basically it says
Vote boost is still rewarded.
Vote boost = 500 Level Boost, 5k Training Points

in he hub, is that still allowed?

Also, since it's not original game, but anime/rip, and hub also game promises rewards for donating (same as selling stuff), is that even legal at all? I mean, why this type of games still exist? They sell content which they do not own, can't BYOND get into trouble because of this?
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Screenshot proof:
It is legal. He is not making money selling dragonball, just statistics in a game which is related to the anime. He also claims no ownership of the name dragonball.

I have a Harry Potter game that hasnt been worked on for a year, I am willing to sell it. But that cannot be illegal because i am not selling Harry Potter just all the sources for a game which I created.
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But still, since game is related to anime, he shouldn't have any rights to sell any of it.
In my opinion, they must be fully free, not even BYOND member boost, neither voting etc, only original games should have those features =/
It just appears that... People take Dragonball title, and make money off it, or other profit, like votes
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He is not selling anime related things. He is selling virtual in game NUMBERS which he creates. I do not think anyone would even be so stupid to donate for a failed rip like this.
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Think again

P.S. Not a way to insult you, just there's plenty of... .. people, who does that. In-case you didn't knew.

Ever played Tibia? My friend once hosted private Tibia server, after few days someone offered to buy items for real money, he surely accepted this offer, wiped the server next day, and guess what? He wanted to buy again
The legality of any transaction on that game and any action BYOND needs to take as a consequence is really determined by the will of the respective copyright holders. Copyright holders will issue a cease and desist notice first, which BYOND being the good business citizen it is, will review and comply with as appropriate. Sites can't be expected to advance screen all user generated content, it's a model that just isn't viable regardless of the site's traffic. Doubly so as BYOND would have an extremely hard time indeed constantly reviewing all changes to all games and version tracking all servers connected to the hub.

This really should have been issued as a support issue.

That "vote boost" is a matter for the respective ranking website to check out and enforce according to their rules. It isn't a BYOND matter.

A site admin may choose to take some further action now or contact the hub owner as they feel appropriate. It's important for me to stress that is entirely at their discretion, a copyright holder hasn't issued any complaint or instructions to BYOND on this particular matter yet.