Since a Wikipedia article requires sources outside of the BYOND website for verification of information, I've been trying to track down some other sites with information on BYOND, but usually I don't have much success in finding anything.

I searched again just now and came up with a few links that provide some descriptive information of what BYOND is all about that might be useful as references for a Wikipedia article. Other_Games_Entertainment/Review-BYOND.html byond-com-create-and-play-games (same as above)
Foomer wrote: Other_Games_Entertainment/Review-BYOND.html

Short, but may be valid. It depends on how popular softarea51 is, what kind of traffic they get, etc. Not only do we have to be notable, but anything that makes us seem notable must also be notable. byond-com-create-and-play-games

I want to say we used that in one of the notablity arguments and they didn't like it. It was also posted about 2 and a half years ago.

This is a verbatim copy of the original BYOND wikipedia article, so I don't think it counts for anything. (same as above)

Neither of these will suffice as sources, they're wikis themselves.