Well I've been hanging around Artemis lately and I've been noticing something quite annoying. If you leave your client connected to the Artemis server for about 10-15 minutes while being inactive, it has the tendancy to boot you off.

I've talked to IainPeregrine about this matter and we've discussed it, I've recommended doing what I did with a Python/C++ chat system I created quite some time ago, and in that I got the client to send a random set of characters to the server (which were never output to client(s) connected), just to simulate that the client is still active. If I recall correctly, I named it 'TheKeepAlivePacketSendingSystem', literally. :P

The problem with this idea is that we don't know a method in which we can natively execute a command from the client.

Am I mistaken and there is a way to execute a command natively from a client?

Is there any other method we can make it look as if the client is still active?

Oh, and from what he says his ISP boots off inactive connections (he himself is running Artemis on his machine).
You could force the player to use commands through winset().
world<<"I'm still connected!"