Something I made with Flash. It's more or less just a tech demo. Made it in 3 days, knowing nothing about how to use Flash when I started. I was just adding everything I could to it so I could see how stuff worked =P

The Adventures of Blobby!
How do I win?
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CaptFalcon33035 wrote:
How do I win?

lol you don't. As I said, its just a tech demo; not a real game. You just get to wander around =P
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Why was this moved to gaming o.O I'm pretty sure I created it =o And on a related note: Defender
I freakin pwnt that bird, Lol.
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As did I.

It's probably because it's a creation not related to Byond in any fashion.

George Gough
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The Creations forum is more for stuff relating to BYOND stuff. We don't even really like when people post demo graphic stuff there instead of the pixel art guild but we let it slide for the most part since they're still technically resources.