Fun little game I found online.
This game rocks. If you haven't played it yet then play it! You won't be disappointed.
I can't figure out what to freakin' do >.<

I found Horsehoe #2 and #3, 3 apples, a carrot, and a pair of pliers or whatever. I found the key to unlock the paper. I figured the graph is the heating cycle for the forge, and so I tried putting a horseshoe in there and punching in that heating cycle. Nothing.
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Check out that kiln closely. Also, be sure you click around, try different items on things. Feed your pony before it starves. >.>
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Xooxer wrote:
Feed your pony before it starves. >.>

I just played through the game again and never fed the pony -- it does not starve! You lie.
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You can't play through it without feeding it. You lie.
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I guess you have to feed it magic oats and magic stone water, but I would have thought it would starve before then. :-(
I was expecting "But I ated it"