Open Notepad

On the first line, type .LOG

Save the file, name it whatever you like.

Open the file to add an entry.

Once you're done, save and exit.

Every time the log is opened, Notepad adds a new line with the current date and time, and places the cursor one line below that. Useful for a running log book, journal or diary.
Wow, what a trick, a known documented feature! =P Shame on you for not reading the program's help. >_> You can also just press F5 to push in the date.
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Who needs help using Notepad? o.0
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Whoever wants to use it as a diary, perhaps? =P
I'd never heard of this. Thanks!
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Who would think such a minimalist program such as Notepad would have some automated features in it? No one will ever read the help documentation using Notepad because at least no one /thinks/ they need help with using Notepad, and they really don't. There is nothing to it! :P
In response to CaptFalcon33035
They do need help if they need awesomefully useless automated features. =P But it's not so much a 'help' thing, it's like you should always read the manual or 'readme' of something you're using in case there's something you need to know, regardless if you specifically think you need help or not.
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No one would think to even look for such a feature even if they did want to keep a dairy. It's too obscure and too uncommon among normal text editors (Notepad being the lowest on that totem pole in many eyes) to expect it to be in Notepad. If you don't read a manual to write a paper, you don't need one to type a paper. Besides, not everyone here knows about this feature, and without this post, my never have. It's not like it's useless. Keeping a dated log of updates, fixes and such while you work is probably a good idea.
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Only on BYOND could we have an argument about helpfiles in Notepad.

I'm really proud to be part of this community. :P
In response to Jp
No you're not. Stop flaming! ;P
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Jerico2day wrote:
I'd never heard of this. Thanks!

Me either i use the real mans notepad .. notepad++ :P
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Sweet, I didn't know that MadeWithNotepad thing existed. I'll have to submit my stuff to it after I add the image. I create all of my web stuff with Notepad or Notepad++.
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I use Programmers Notepad in Windows, and Geany or GEdit in Linux.

I don't see the reason why anyone would want to use a YSWYG editor.
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Flame Sage wrote:
I don't see the reason why anyone would want to use a YSWYG editor.

Some companies will only hire people who can use Frontpage or Dreamweaver. Knowing HTML appears to be unimportant in the web-world.

With that said, I use Notepad++ and I hate any and all WYSIWYG editors. Mainly because it's far easier to use a language like PHP if you do it all yourself. Trying to use PHP with a WYSIWYG editor is just difficult and frustrating.

Notepad++ for the win.
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I have also seen (this is probably getting better though) some WYSIWYG editors add extra data unnecessarily.

I am with the Notepad++ crew.

George Gough
In response to KodeNerd
I suppose its time to make a Notepad++ guild to add to the rest of useless guilds in the members area :P
In response to A.T.H.K
We can share our style configurations and what languages we use! What version we're using and whether we use the built in FTP program!

That aside, that's such a useless plan. =)
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I've found that Dreamweaver is good for quick mockups. Just something to show the client to say "Hey, I've got the looks done", but then I redo pretty much everything in Notepad++, and curse myself for not doing it right the first time.

My brother rags on me for going right into the source, but then he hands me something and asks for a change because he can't figure out how to get Dreamweaver to do it without breaking the page.
In response to Flame Sage
Geany is not half-bad for Windows either.
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