anyone know if BYOND is compatible with windows server 2003 and/or 2008?

looking at buying a new server but I need one that will actualy run byond and all =P I can always just get linux on it but id rather be using windows
BYOND should be fully compatible with any pre-Vista version of Windows. Anything Vista and later have had some problems with BYOND.
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soooo 2003 then
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I have byond running on a computer with windows server 2003 enterprise and I have not ran into any problems. Byond will probably work just as good on Windows Server 2008 as it does on Vista. That is a guess though, because basically all windows server OS's are is, that they pull all unnecessary garbage out of there current OS like for example they turn off theming, 3D graphic acceleration, stuff like that and then they add alot of server type tools you can use. I even played Everquest 2 on my Windows server 2003 box, of course you have to enable some stuff first. Also I have never had any problem running Byond on Vista either.