whats the point of having semi-general chat sections in the forums if youre just going to close topics. I can see topics in the helpish type sections getting closed because they dont really merit conversation, but closing topics in every category elimates the point of the general chat ones like community and gaming <.<
They probably violated some key points of the forums rules or became over-populated with multiple conversations.

George Gough
Peh, close this thread.
Threads are closed in one of four circumstances:

1) A moderator has already trimmed out a lot of flames from the post and is anticipating that it will get more flames put back if it is not dealt with.

2) A moderator sees flamey posts in the thread and feels as though there's nothing else that can be said that won't result in further flames.

3) The thread is a megathread being continually bumped with no meaningful content being added, causing legitimate posts to be obstructed.

[edit]Forgot the number four circumstance:

4) The thread is asking for something that is unsuitable for the BYOND forums, is railing on rips, or is otherwise doing something that we're all freaking sick of.
In response to Jtgibson
Plus, this is not a chat room. 'Chatty' threads where large blocks of posts are barely minutes apart is just filling up space. There are numerous venues, like Chatters, to babble in. Forums are for 'discussions' not chatting.