Yea, definitely sleeps is the key to this problem (i did some fun researches), but it wasn't very obvious for me, that world.Export() could do something like that, until i started to think about it like - "it sleeps because it waits for the answer from another server" and then it become very clear that way.

Anyway, would be nice if this information will be mentioned in byond docs for Export(), that it can sleep while waiting for answer.

Also, i curious about - why view port totally dies and never recovers, even after all sleeps already gone.
We get this problem constantly still.

The only world.Export() we use is on player login to check and see if they have the game set as a favorite. There's no sleep used in the proc that gets called for it.

The issue could be happening when someone logs in, I don't think anyone really associated the 2 of them happening at the same time, but if it is, it's not the player who logged in that had their viewport frozen, it'll be a player who's already logged in and playing.

I'll try disabling the proc with the next update to see if it helps anything but it seems weird that its what would be causing it.
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With my problem its just simply that world.Export() may sometimes wait for the answer for about 15-20 seconds until service returns us IP information about that player (didn't know that it can take so long, until i started to debug that question), and in simple words - sleeping client/New() for 15-20 seconds may freeze player's view port and only, if player relogs, while old client/New() is still waiting to finish (at least, this is what i got while testing).

So, the only when and why Export() can freeze view port is - when server didn't return answer instantly, because it waits for something and to fix that problem, we need to use spawn() or another approach if i'm not wrong.

But if we use something like spawn(), it means sometimes we will get info with Export() with delays, which may not be good for every feature where we need to use it, but i think there is nothing we can do about.

Also, i couldn't to get any problems with small delays, this only reproduced for me with long delays, even sleep(100) wasn't enough, but sleep(200) did that every time (sometimes world.Export() may take 20-30 seconds to complete request) (yea, i tested with sleeps to get some idea on when this can happen), at least for our build.

Edit: i just noticed, that if we login local server with "yellow GO button in DD" - sleep won't do anything bad, and if we join server using "open location" in byond's drop down menu - it will. This is strange, i wonder, whats the difference... I usually use 2nd account to test things locally.
If your game has a lobby structure, or loading screen, you can hide your blocking operations like database queries and world.Export() calls there, in those kinds of situations you probably don't care about instantaneous results.

loading screens are designed to hide things, it's practically gamedev tradition at this point.
So in my most recent build, I disabled any uses of world.Export() to see if this was the cause. Mine and other players viewports still freeze.

It may also cause this issue but if it does, it's not the only cause of it.
I think world.Export() was a red herring all along. It's clear it only came up in the context of client/New(), where it's a horrible idea to do that for fairly self-evident reasons.
Question for those still experiencing this: During a freeze, do animated icons keep animating? (I mean specifically ones that use an animation built into the icon itself, not the animate() proc.)
How about you pick an ss13 server and play for a few rounds and see for yourself?
for what it's worth, i've never experienced this problem in my games, i've been programming since 2005, and i haven't used client/New() in any of my games.
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Mista-mage123 wrote:
for what it's worth, i've never experienced this problem in my games, i've been programming since 2005, and i haven't used client/New() in any of my games.

Coolio, something in client/new it would be nice for somebody with debugging tools to experience it for themselves so the issue can be put to rest after all these years.
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Pomf123 wrote:
How about you pick an ss13 server and play for a few rounds and see for yourself?

It likely won't help. Since I'm fairly convinced the problem is server-side (all of my experiments with users who had this reliably showed me nothing amiss on the client side that I could point to), I'd need to catch it there and figure out what state it was in by analyzing it in the debugger. Although being able to catch it reliably client-side would at least help me definitively rule some things out, chances are they're not going to get the job done.
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No. The viewport is frozen to its entirety.
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Thanks. That's helpful to know.
Getting a similar bug on Teridal very consistently. Once every 3-4 hours, screen freezes and I have to fully close and reconnect to fix it.
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