I am staying with my parents until the 1st and wanted to work on a BYOND project during downtime between family events. I installed BYOND and unzipped my project directory. Upon attempting to compile and run I got some new error. Investigation revealed that the dir was read-only and this was causing issues saving the dmb.

I open up the BYOND dir properties and de-select read only. It applies it to all subfolders as well. Or rather, it should, but when I go to check, the whole dir is somehow read-only again!

So I check my account security settings. No problem there- full administrator access. Plus, it should have told me if I had insufficient rights to change something. I then begin to notice that all the dirs on the root drive are read only and ignore attempts to change that. Odd.

Any ideas? The only thing that I could come up with is that maybe the McAffee Security Center that is running may be reverting them.
Try using cmd to set the settings. I'm not sure what XP's command for that is, but a quick Google would find that.